WEBINAR: Man & Machine

Redefining Procurement’s Role in the Cognitive Age

“By 2020, every important decision, personal or professional, will be made with the assistance of artificial intelligence.”

- Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO

Already transforming fields like health care, finance, entertainment and retail, IBM’s Cognitive Technology solution, Watson, also has the potential to understand, learn and think through any procurement issue or question presented, offering detailed answers, analysis, or solutions, just as human can.  

The difference is, Watson can do this on a scale and speed that outstrips the human brain.

This presents great opportunities for procurement, helping make faster, more informed decisions, with deeper insight and greater certainty. 

But in this fast-paced world, does procurement have the agility – and desire – to embrace this new technology to stay relevant? And what is the role left for procurement professionals, when the smartest guy in the room is Watson?  

Procurious teams up with IBM to help procurement professionals get to grips with Cognitive and its potential to redefine procurement strategy, planning and decision making. 

Presenter: Tania Seary

Tania Seary is the founder and chairman of the world's first business network for procurement and supply chain professionals.

Presenter: Nathalie Fekete

Nathalie has worked for IBM for 11 years, all the time in Procurement. Her current role is to position and demonstrate IBM Procurement’s thought leadership regarding Digital and Cognitive Transformation.

Founder - Procurious

Worldwide Cognitive Procurement Subject Matter Expert - IBM

Presenter: Manoj Saxena

Founding General Partner - The Entrepreneur’s Fund

Manoj Saxena is a founding General Partner of The Entrepreneur’s Fund where he directs investments in Big Data and Cognitive Computing space. Saxena is a successful CEO and serial entrepreneur and most recently was IBM’s General Manager for the Watson Division.

Free Webinar: 8 February, 2017 at 1pm GMT

Presenter: Pascal d'Arc

Pascal d'Arc is a technology professional specialising in procurement innovation for the past 10 years. More recently he has been combining Design Thinking with AI and is now the general manager of cognitive procurement at Cognitive Scale.

General Manager - Cognitive Scale

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